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Nirvana; The Meaning and Purpose

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Sudan, Khartoum.
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We come together with our belief in the importance of the role that the story plays in our lives. The story is the only human history on this planet, starting with mythology, through religious and folk tales, and finally with stories as works of art that have the power to change the world around us. The story is a human shield against ignorance, oppression, difference, racism and extremism. Since ancient times there has been a story for everything, starting from Genesis and then creation and then existence and then the soul and then nothingness. All the Scriptures contained stories, and all this makes the story a symbol of "the glittering of the eternal light.

Together, we believe in the importance of the word and its role, its meaning and its challenges, and that creative and narrative writing and other forms of art are the most cherished human achievements. Through our intellectual project we try to find the Nirvana story and make the short story a unique universal work, and the right to be a means to achieve this world the meaning of his existence; aesthetic and expressionism wonderful.

In the story, we must be fully conversant with the spirit of the language, and "Nirvana" in the ancient Sanskrit language symbolizes the state of complete extinction, the state of mental and emotional emancipation; the abandonment of pain and torment, a unique spiritual state, although described as a term of extinction, The state of complete integration with the spirit of the universe, and the liberation from individual interests. Our stories of Nirvana are stories that extinguish the darkness of this world, replace it with creative light, achieve human ecstasy and existentialism, and the full peace of a sound spirit free from imbalance.

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