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A special competition to encourage creative story writing in Sudan, and support it with its different ideas. We listen to all ages and work for a better future for young people.

The Founders

Muhaned Aldaby
Sudanese writer, born in October 1985. His short story "Shadow" won the (Al-Tayib Saleh) Award for Creative Writing in 2014. He part seminar of International Prize for Arabic Fiction "Booker" in Abu Dhabi (2017). He has three published novels: "Fascination of the River Banks" (2014), "The Meteorite Frenzy" (2016), and "Henry Wellcome Specters" (2018).

Sabah Sanhouri
Sudanese writer and poet, born in December 1990. Her short story " Isolation "won the (Al-Tayib Saleh) Award for Creative Writing in 2009. and has been translated into multiple languages, She Awarded the title Honorary Fellow in Writing by the University of (Iowa) 2014, She published her first book "Mirrors" short stories collection 2015, as well as a forthcoming novel "Paradise".

Why Nirvana?
Because: We understand you, support you, hear you, we are with you.

Will print & translate, audible, and visual. You are the next Nirvana. We are waiting for you..


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    “The Starting Up IN July 2018.”

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    “End of participation In October 2018”

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    “Winners Announcement In December 2018

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